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Appreciation and Gravitational Waves
       Recently there was much thrill for the proof of a theory thanks to the detection of gravitational waves. A headline I saw read, “What can we learn from gravitational waves?” Even my coworker, Amber, popped the question “Why is this discovery so important?
       The amount of understanding Einstein brought to plain mathematical or theoretical views of many of the laws and phenomenon’s that affect our universe is definitely unparalleled. I am in no way trying to pretend to be a physicist.
       After reading the article written by a person with a PhD in quantum physics, I was thankful my response to Amber was correct. I told her that it is like when we learned 1+1=2. This concept permitted us to further understand more complex formulas postulated in more advanced math and by default understand in more depth this world and universe.
       I got curious and looked up the space/time concept. After reviewing a couple articles and credible videos that explained this more clearly, I have decided to use the analogy that best I saw putting it in perspective.
       First let’s think of the whole concept time and space being depicted as a film reel where there are many frames put in sequence. Each frame represents a still picture. The still picture represents time or the now. If we were a dot represented on this frame, it would show our location in space within Space/time. Moving the reel, like in a film, would seem to the observer as a continuum of Space and time. That leaves a good question, “Is space/time all existent already?”
       In another article by NASA titled “Pulsar Web Could Detect Low-Frequency Gravitational Waves,” space/time is described as a “fabric of space” and that gravitational waves cause ripples that are felt throughout the universe.
       With the departure of my uncle recently, I could see how his passing also sent out ripples that affected the time and space of many. What was the lesson learned? All our loved ones have polished gems that have been proven by time. These aged sages of their trade have much to share. I have noticed how much of their learned and proved experience, when applied, serves to send me through warp speed in the space/time of my personal growth.
       Should it take catastrophe for humans to feel appreciation? I do not know. Should it take national holidays for humans to show appreciation? I do not know. Do emotions, comfort, and knowledge interfere in the possible manifestation of appreciation?
       I do not know what an Iranian refugee will eat tomorrow. I do not know why the president used a gray suit today. The truth is the aspect of my physical youth will fade and there is no external beautification that will do much justice. I am working on the internal me, appreciating the gems shared by all and applying them to my life. My hope is that in my time and space, the interaction with all, will bring more harmony as we all surf these gravitational waves in this every moving continuum.