A Pope From America! Preposterous , You Say!
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 by Frank Shortt
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        Reviews of the new movie, “The Young Pope” seem to be a forecast of things to come. This series implies that decadence reigns in the America of the new pope. It also implies that if there was to be a pope from America he would impose American values on the Vatican. It is implied that he would allow anything that the freedoms in America allows; such as, smoking or drinking anywhere one pleases, free sex with any and all ages, and the one in complete power will have his will in all things. It seems that this is how the United States is viewed by other countries. The series was written by one who should be loyal to his own religion!
        With all the killings in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles by unruly elements, how are other countries supposed to view us? We even allow anyone to profane another person, in political speeches, without having to answer for those profanities. Many duels were fought in the early days because of disagreements in politics. Thank God, we have become a wee bit more civilized! How are our young people supposed to act having such examples? Would a pope from the United States change all that or cause those tenets to flourish in Rome?
        In 1951, an American evangelist foretold of a pope coming out of the United States as soon as the Confederation of Churches became a reality. Isn’t the Confederation of Churches already a reality known as the World Council of Churches? He also said in 1954; "This nation, is in a crumbling condition now because our politics and things are so divided. That's why the Indians (Native Americans) lost it to the white man. If those Indians would have all gathered together, there would still be an America for the Indians. But they separated, with the tribes fighting each other, so we (Europeans) came in and took it, that's the way we're going to lose it!” End quote!
       While many have speculated about the possibility of electing an Asian, African or other cardinal from outside Europe to the papacy, any non-European cardinal is seemingly unqualified. A two-thirds majority of the voting cardinals is needed for election of the pope and though the College of Cardinals is more international than it used to be, it is still dominated by Italians and other Europeans. What about the one now, Pope Francis, from South America? How did that slip up? If enough Catholics of another country began to put pressure on the Vatican, and if this was political and economic pressure, the old hierarchy of thinking would begin to crumble. The last thing the Vatican needs is upheaval in their ranks, what with all the publicity of child molestation and sexual abuse coming out recently.
       American religion is now so diluted with all different faiths, how can one particular faith dominate? The answer to that is ‘by money’! It has always been a fact that the one with the most money in a particular region is the one who controls the purse strings. What if one world religion had control of the gold of the world? Wow! Would everyone else kowtow to that religion? You bet they would! If the Moslem world was not so divided, they would be a major power in the world.
It seems that every nation under Heaven would like to get their hands on the United States with all its opportunities and resources! Wouldn’t the election of a pope from the United States seal the deal for at least one of them?
       A pope from the United States does not seem to be an unreal possibility! It is just a matter of working out all the politics of the world’s economics! Food for thought!