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 by Frank Shortt
2014: A Perspective
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So what is making news these days?
Some deranged individual tried burning the eastside down!
A County Supervisor got his hand caught in the cookie jar!
Several politicians have declared their candidacy for the job of Mayor, which is a thankless job to begin with!
Some would have us believe that gangs are taking over all major cities.
The U.S. Government is in a huge hurry to spy on every citizen so that they can control their every move!
California is running out of water!
The infrastructure in California is breaking down as we speak!
Justin Bieber spits in a neighbor’s face, and lives to tell about it!

        In the perspective of this writer, I am convinced that naysayers have controlled the airwaves long enough.
        Not every teenager belongs to gangs. I recently attended a class at Evergreen College in San Jose, California with a group of teenagers. Sure, they had ear and nose rings of all sorts! They wore the latest in, so-called, fashion. They wrote of all types of activities that would have better been left in their own minds, or their own bedrooms. All in all, they were just as concerned about our present society as this old Seventy plus concerned citizen. They hurt when their grades were not up to par. They agonized when an exam was coming up. Our college classrooms are filled up, so not all teenagers are in gangs! They are expressing themselves just as we did when we wore da’s, blue suede shoes and allowed our shirt tails to hang out. There is a time for all things on the earth.
       Not all politicians are caught doing clandestine activities. Some are devoted individuals, who are interested in the welfare of their constituents. Those who want to run for Mayor, do so at their own discretion and with the idea that they can change the flow of crime and the outflow of our hard-earned tax dollars. Or do they?
        The U.S. Government has enough of a job on their hands than to worry about what brand of toothpaste an individual uses. There are wars, and rumors of wars. Naysayers of all kinds are downgrading our way of life. There are enough positive things happening all around us to prove to me that this society is not being ‘watched’ by anyone except those who stand to gain by watching us. Maybe I have my head in the sand!
        Is California out of water? Sure, there have been two successive winters without enough rain. The reservoirs are getting lower each time one of us flush the toilet. But, as we arise from our beds each day, we do so with a certain amount of faith that we will make it through the day. There is rain on the horizon, so let’s have faith that it will come soon, and take fewer showers, meanwhile.
        In light of all this, I take a walk every morning in the Evergreen neighborhood of Yerba Buena road and San Felipe Avenue in San Jose, Ca. I meet all ethnic groups of all ages. I see young mothers walking their children to school, some with strollers with infants. These folks that I meet are interested in the welfare of each other. They belong to PTA groups, local churches, and clubs. I hear them telling their children to be respectful of each other. I see them making sure that their children reach the school safely and on time. None of these parents belong to gangs! Reporting gang activity on the airwaves should never be the norm. It should only be reported in order to show our children that they, indeed, have a better life than one of crime. Reporting enormous activities of gangs only glorify these deranged individuals and this is how they gain popularity.
        I am sure that there are plans in the works to correct the potholes and deterioration of our streets and roads, our bridges and overpasses. Otherwise, who will vote for these politicians in the future who are in charge of our tax dollars?
        How Justin Beiber, a young man who was rejected from American Idol, not an American citizen, can think that he can be above law, is beyond my thinking. He is surely no idol of mine or of those with whom I come in contact. Parents need to steer their children away from such negative press. As soon as there is no notoriety, it will disappear. Justin needs a good dose of a ‘good ole southern mother’ for a while. If I had spit in someone’s face as a young man, I would have been unable to sit down for quite a spell. How cruel, you say?
        So what is left? Are we to swallow every piece of negative news? Are we to become alarmed at every negative report? Let’s weigh the source of these things. Let’s think about all the good that is being done by immigrants who have left their homelands for a better way of life. Let’s praise the ones who succeed! Let’s praise our students who raise one notch higher every time an exam is aced!
       In short, let’s stop glorifying the criminal and begin praising the law-abiding citizens of our beautiful, ethnically diverse communities!