AOC, You've Gotten Our Attention
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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has come in like a huge locomotive coming into the station, late! Her ideas are not new! She is trying to make changes in America where every other politician has failed. What should she do in order to change America?

If I should ever get the chance to talk to her one on one, these are the suggestions I would make:

1. She should have come in at a slower speed. She should have looked at the big picture and weigh all the good and bad points. Remember that listening is learning!

2. In order to defeat an enemy, one should watch that enemy for quite a while before passing judgment. By judgment, I mean that she should judge whether or not the enemy can even be defeated. If the enemy is deemed ‘defeatable’, then she should proceed carefully, defeating that enemy’s strongholds one at a time.

3. She should remember that there are many Congress persons who have been in Washington for a long time and could possibly have some good points to give her.

4. She should remember that her job as a bartender does not qualify her to become a judge of the people that she seems not to understand, namely, the old white people that made the Democratic Party what it was a few years ago, before the liberal-leaning activists took it over. She needs to remember that until Franklin D. Roosevelt made the New Deal, most folks were leaning Republican. Roosevelt has been credited with pulling the USA out of the Great Depression. The G.D. is something that most new politicians will never understand because they have never experienced poverty, lack of jobs, and little money! The reason most folks voted for Roosevelt was because he introduced policies that would put people back to work so they could support their families. It is not for me to say whether Roosevelt’s policies were right or wrong, but through the WPA, the CCC, and a few other programs, he took on the impossible task of making jobs where there were no jobs. Yes, AOC, those people had to work for what they got! Some folks worshipped the ground that Roosevelt had walked on. Every home, practically, in America had a huge picture of Roosevelt in their kitchens.

5. She should take into consideration that there are two sides to every coin. She should refrain from throwing stones at others. Who she considers an enemy today just might be her ally tomorrow if she can stop lambasting them long enough to find out! The liberal left is so busy lambasting, who they consider to be racist, namely the old Whites, that they are shooting themselves in the foot. Why? Some of those old whites have other bloods flowing through their veins and when they blame all the ails of society on one race of people, are they being fair to a whole segment of society? Are they picking and choosing who they wish to represent? I was always taught that the House of Representatives served ALL the people regardless of race, creed, National origin, and, especially their religion. When a person prefers one person over another, is that person showing favoritism?

Step back, AOC, take a long, hard, look at the ones you are causing others to hate! Does hatred solve anything? Sure, we should hate evil in any form, but let’s make sure it is evil before we pass judgment. Take time to weigh all sides before condemning one or the other sides. You are new, you are energetic, you have a lot to offer others, you are an eloquent spokesperson, and will probably have your present job for quite a while. Take it from an old 77 year old white guy, who has been around the block several times, this world does not change in one administration! Neither does it change by people losing their lives for a cause. (All the wars have proven this!) The world is changed one person at a time as someone shows that person something real, not promises! If we could take all the promises made by politicians in the past and round them all up, the Pacific Ocean cold not hold them all, even with its great depth! Go easy, young lady! Keep silent for a while. Stop telegraphing your blows. Do the job you were elected to do by representing all your New York constituents, Democrat or Republican! Stop calling people white or people of color! Just simply call us all Americans! This is what I would suggest if given the opportunity!