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         Maybe many citizens of America are so disgusted with the way the country is being run today that they might welcome something that allows them to vent their frustrations. Maybe it's not just the inconsistent application and enforcement of local and federal laws. Maybe it goes deeper than that. Maybe at the heart of the reasons for the civil unrest over the civil disobedience in Ferguson, Missouri and other cities is the fact that at every level of society, the changes that are occurring are so monumental that some people just can't accept them, let alone understand why America is so different from what it was in the recent past. President Obama promised change, and at least that promise has been kept, but by so any comparative scale, the changes are not for the better.
        Take a look at what's happening in the country today and ask yourself, "Do the changes include the kind of values, freedoms, and restrictions that will make life better for America? Consider and take a personal inventory and evaluate these changes, and others that are apparent to you, that seem to have occurred just in the recent past. Isn't it possible that some of these might account in some measure for the unrest nowadays?

- Presidents can lie to the American people with no accountability or significant censure. The Obama Care lies, and some new ones just now surfacing, stand out as perfect examples.
- Wars that don 't seem to be related to the welfare and protection of the U.S. are waged, often without Congressional approval.
- Taxes collected by the government are given to other countries, even countries that condemn and threaten our way of life, while many of our own citizens suffer from hunger, unemployment and lack of proper housing. And you never hear this travesty addressed.
- People in the news, athletes and lawmakers in particular, can break laws over and over, and suffer no consequences. Domestic abuse and drug abuse cases are popping up all over the place in professional sports. Sometimes athletes are even rewarded with million dollar contracts in spite of their illegal conduct And lawmakers pass laws that are self-protecting.
- Persons in our country illegally are rewarded with benefits many of our own citizens can't get, and while the government feigns humanitarian reasons, clearly it's really for votes.
- "Pot" joints are springing up, selling marijuana to the users who claim "It's medicinal," or "It won't lead to the harder stuff," or other mindless rationalizations. Maybe it isn't as bad as alcohol use, but do you really want your child to grow up to be a "pot head?"
- Filthy language and promiscuous sex and violence are flashed across our television screens and movies, and rampant child pornography can be viewed on the internet every minute of every day under the guise of "freedom of speech," making a mockery of the obvious intent of the framers of the Constitution and even plain old common sense. Liberal judges run wild with "anything goes" verdicts.
- Shootings on school campuses occur on what seems like a regular basis across the country. And the shooters are getting younger and younger.
- Church officials are found molesting children and suffer few if any consequences. Their acts are bought off by the vast church store of congregation collections. If you and I were caught doing what they have gotten away with, would we be walking around free as a bird?
- "Religions," if you can call them that, whose aims are to kill Americans, are allowed to "practice" their faith with few if any restrictions. Maybe what a true "religion" is can't be easily defined, but any reasonable person can pick one out of a crowd.
- Expressions of Christian celebrations, especially Nativity scenes at Christmas time, are attacked at every level of the government and by atheists across the nation, and the liberal courts sympathize with these restrictions. Unbelievable!
- Any mentions of God, on government property, or in the pledge of allegiance, or on money, are being attacked. "Trust in God" are words the courts apparently are trying to ban. Is the simple act of celebrating Christmas, in any way, next on the list of freedoms to be outlawed?
- Men having sex with men and women with women, and the images this conjures up, is being condoned as subject matter in schools and by the courts. Same-sex "marriage" is the rage, as words are being re-defined to suit different liberal agendas of pressure groups. Sexual acts involve personal choice, but ask most men if they really want laws allowing their sons to have sex with another man as "man and wife." I wonder if people saying, "What people do in private is just fine with me" is just a "politically correct" bandwagon to climb on.
- Large corporations are giving their top executives gigantic bonuses, even as the companies go bankrupt, and public tax money is given to the giant automobile companies when their business takes a turn for the worse.
- It appears as though the louder a very small group of protestors scream, the more likely their complaints will be heard and action taken to allow their demands, regardless of the reasonableness of the demands.
- The reputation of the United States of America on the world scene gets tarnished by our so-called "leaders" due to their incompetent attempts to deal in foreign affairs and the direction the country is headed in.
- Our President is trying to pass America off as just an average country on the world stage, and is being duped by foreign leaders by being given promises that will never be kept, in exchange for financial aid our country can't afford.
- People are fearful of expressing personal opinions, even in private conversations, lest some individual or group that disagrees with these opinions gets wind of them, and sues and recovers damages or gets them fired from their jobs for some "politically incorrect" comment. "Freedom of Speech" is becoming a catchword for "Keep your opinions to yourself."

        In a way, is it any wonder then that emotions are running high, as people are just tired of these and other efforts to "change" America, and are disappointed in the kind of change taking place, while our elected "leaders" sit mute and inactive, and seem not to care. Our President seems nonchalant about the current state of affairs in the U.S., and acts like he is only looking forward to his retirement from office, seeking some unattainable "legacy" the nation will remember and honor him by, while ignoring the fact that the wheels he has personally put in motion are on the fast track to the upheaval and disappearance of the America we once knew and were proud of and grew to love. I can only hope that the current escalation of thievery and arson and rioting in the streets by criminals, which is ignored in some cases by law enforcement officials, will end and a lawful, diligent and immediate effort is made by our legislators and law enforcement agencies to control the "un-peaceful" assembly and mob mentality being witnessed in some parts of the country, and that the lawbreakers are held accountable for their criminal behavior. Two more years of lack of leadership could put this country in a position of never being able to regain what we have lost.