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 by Norm Blackburn
An Undivided America
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Today we hear a lot about how the United States is divided.

The media takes every opportunity to write or air stories about how the Left and Right disagree on everything political.

Trump was the worst. Trump was the best. Biden is too old. Biden is a proven leader.

But wait a minute. We are still one country. We are still people who love this country. We are still people who enlist and give their lives to defend our freedoms.

We protect the right to vote for whom we choose. We love our freedom of speech. We honor our citizens who serve in extraordinary circumstances to protect us.

We may disagree on some things but on the whole we all agree that this is the best country on earth and we need to work to preserve it.

When we look around we find so many people who want to immigrate into our country. Most with good intentions seeking a freer life than the one from which they are fleeing.

So the next time you  read or see a news report or listen to a person that tells you we are a divided country, remember what we have here in common and the thousands who have given their lives to defend it.

When you see the American flag fly freely above fire stations and government buildings, hospitals and homes, stop and be thankful that we live in a country that at its core is undivided.