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 My friend and I have known each other for 40-years. We’re the same age and many of our tastes are similar. We grew up in southern California. We both moved to Hawaii at the same time and stayed there for 30 years. Most of the time we share the same feelings about sports, people, business, morals and friends. We both love America and feel fortunate that we live in the greatest country in the history of the world.
          The other day my friend phoned me and said, “You keep writing about the mistake we made when we started the war in Iraq. And you keep writing about how there are no signs of us winning a war in Iraq. You said we don’t even know what victory would be. Don’t you think you’re misleading your readers by not giving them the other side of the Iraq story? There are a lot of good things going on in Iraq, but you don’t see those things in the newspaper or on television. Everything is filtered through the media.”
          “Well, my friend, I’ll tell you what we can do. How about you taking over the rest of this space – all you need – to explain your side of the story.”
          “You got a deal. I’ll do it. But I warn you, some of things I write are quite a bit different from what you write.”
          “Fire away, my friend. Maybe I’ll learn something.”

          “Well, to start, it’s important that despite the situation in Iraq we must have the resolve to help sustain an elected government there. If we pull out our support now the rest of the Middle East will have no confidence that we are willing to fight those who want to control the region with totalitarian rule.”
          “If we leave now Iraq will be vulnerable to a takeover by Iran. The oil and other resources in Iraq will fall into the hands of terrorists and be used to fund their war on the West. Iraq will fall into a bloody civil war between religious factions. Years of support for freedom in Iraq with our lives and fortunes will be wasted.”
           “If we stay until the Iraq government is capable of controlling their country our efforts will be rewarded by showing the Middle East countries that we have the courage to follow through on our policies. We will have established a democratically elected government where none has been for centuries, thereby showing the region that freedom is possible. The resources of Iraq will go to the people and not to a despotic tyrant.”
          “So, what should we do about Iraq?” First, we should put enough troops into Iraq to really control the situation.”
          “The president asks the American people to make specific sacrifices that support our efforts. He has weekly news conferences to inform the public about what the real facts in Iraq are so the news from the area isn’t “filtered” through the media.”
          “Somehow we must take politics out of the decision-making process by not allowing billions of dollars to be added to the funding bills that have nothing to do with the war.”
          “We must work to engage the United Nations to bring humanitarian aid to Iraq. If the United Nations won’t do this then a coalition must take charge and perform humanitarian duties.”
          “No one wants our people to die in a war, but we cannot become weak in the defense of freedom and the protection of our values from those would destroy us.”

          And so, my dear reader, you now have another view of what is happening and what should happen in Iraq and the Middle East from another viewpoint. Especially in America, it is important that we listen to and respect the opinions of others. By listening we become better Americans.
          Thanks, my friend. Keep your thoughts coming.