Another Immaculate Conception
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 by Frank Shortt
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America is in dire straits! As civilized people in America are turning on each other like wild animals, it is time for another Immaculate Conception!

The conception recorded in scripture that draws so much attention during this time of year was the one where a baby was born in a stable dug out in the side of a Palestinian hillside! We are shown each year on television, the internet, and advertising on billboards, how that the little Jewish couple, two thousand years ago struggled to find a place for the birth of this most important gift to the world. The struggle continues!

When the baby was born, only shepherds watching their flocks out on the plains of Bethlehem, were given the immediate news. This news came by messengers, not of this ken, but prepared by Someone much greater than mankind! Some astronomers in the Orient were given the sign in the heavens that the baby was being born at that time, but it took them at least two years to reach the scene. By this time, he was a child living in a house! The so-called wise men were looking for the Star of David! Wise men today should be looking for that star, or someone who will lead them to the child! We were told by that baby, when he reached manhood, that we must become as a little child inside!

So, why the wars and fighting among us civilized nations? Why the turmoil and hatred even in our, supposedly, Land of the Free? We are finding fault with each other because of religious, political, and even how we part our hair. We are finding fault with others because they choose to use an umbrella, and we do not! Did not that first Immaculate Conception find the same issues in the country where He was born? There were religious issues, there was government oppression, and there was hatred among nations, even to the point of killings every day! Oh, great Conception, when will this cease to be in America?

Are we, the civilized, being somewhat hypocritical? Are we saying one thing and doing another? Are we being swayed from right-thinking by evil and hateful men and women who would do anything for a vote? Oh, America, how long can this go on? Are we ready for another Immaculate Conception?

Men of ‘bothered mentality’ are buying weapons to destroy, even as I write this article. They are storing up ammunition to annihilate others who disagree with their rhetoric. Our news media are blaming all white men for being prejudiced and being bigots. Some white groups are blaming all other races for all the problems. But I ask, have we taken the time to look inside ourselves? Have we considered that we may not be exactly right in our thinking? Hatred is born of a festering sore that knows no immediate healing! When hatred is manifested, this sore has come to the surface in many ways.

Hatred had to first be a thought. Then it had to be spoken by someone, possibly a leader who is looked up to by many people. Then hatred is manifested by someone’s actions against another.  Hatred, jealousy, bigotry, and any other manifestation of evil is the result of one thing: Unbelief in the very Object of one’s personal convictions, whether it be Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or any number of religious beliefs! Haters, aren’t you ashamed to claim the teachings of those past leaders who taught you peace, love, and the common good of all? It is time to look deeply inside yourself, you believers and civilized people! Take a real deep breath, maybe the only one you have had in a while, and begin to think of someone besides yourselves!

The Immaculate Conception of which I speak, is a baby born in the mangers of the hearts of men and women, boys and girls, old and young! It is a baby that is long overdue in this age of turmoil! This baby is simply called ‘love’! Whether you agree or disagree, as far as east is from west, love will conquer that urge to kill the opposition that you have conceived in your hatred-filled minds! Look inside that stable that is dug out in the side of the earth (what we humans are all made of), allow that newborn baby to be born in the manger of your heart to fill the voids that you have allowed during your time of festering. Begin at this season, set aside by man to worship a Creator, just begin to think one time of the good of others! Allow yourselves to be the receptor of the Immaculate Conception!

(mention the giving of gifts, etc as a manifestation of their love to each other, what about a kind word to a neighbor who may be struggling with mental issues, with a festering sore at, yes, even your lifestyle, religion, or ethnic group?)