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“Since most of our neighbors to the South of the United States of America are dependent upon the economy of the United States , why don’t we just simply ask them if they would like to become part and parcel of the United States of America?”

‘Far fetched’ you might think! But just think of all the money the U.S. would save by doing so. Think of all the money each of these countries would save with an alleged history of corrupt leadership who rob their constituents to support lavish lifestyles! Some of these countries are rich in minerals that would fill the coffers of many nations if used properly. So why not annex them as part of the U.S.? We hear this and many other suggestions as, meanwhile, the Soviet Union is moving into Venezuela under the guise of helping them repair their technical systems.

Have all the friendships that have thrived through the years boiled down to a money proposition? Is that what should be important? What is going to happen to that long awaited trip to Cancun? What about those who like to travel to Buenos Aires to enjoy the music and great food offered by Brazilians? Who will be able to see Machu Picchu, the new ‘wonder of the world’? What about the scientific trips to the Galapagos Islands? The list goes on and on.

It is not for me to say who is right or wrong in the arguments of the children in Washington. But, it seems to me that if what is said is true, then we should just annex the whole lower half of the American continent. Think of all the presidents, governors, mayors, and all the other government employees that we would not have to pay if we could just somehow annex their governments! Is this where we are heading, a One World Government? It seems to me that the United States is continuously meddling into affairs that do not concern them all over the globe. If the small countries that have become dependent on sanctions from the U.S. do not toe the mark, immediately there is a threat of more economic sanctions for that particular country! In fact, why don’t we just annex the whole world then the president of the United States would be in charge of everything? Boy, if we think we have a mess in Washington now, what would be the outcome of annexation of every country in the world? What would the smaller countries do that have nothing to contribute to the economy of the world? And is there such a country that is offering nothing?

It has been said that most Latin American countries are not self-sufficient.  If this is so, where are they getting their means to survive? It has been said that these countries have black-mailed the U.S. all these years by saying, “If you do not help us we will turn to China or Russia and they will be glad to inhabit our lands and give us the help we need!” If that is so, then we have no alternative but to annex them. 

Cuba has been very dependent on oil subsidies from Venezuela and Russia. Since the recent upheaval in Venezuela, Cuba has become mostly dependent on Russian oil. Things have soured in our (U.S) diplomatic relations with Cuba, so they have no alternative but to turn to some other large country for help. Haven’t they always been dependent on the Soviet Union, even for their missiles? So, who owns Cuba now? They are still under Communist rule. Raul Castro has turned over the presidency to Miguel Diaz-Canel, but still has complete control of the economy of Cuba, if they have an economy! Canel is merely a figurehead! Venezuela has now invited military personnel from Russia to try to convince their people that Nicolas Maduro should stay in power. Now we have the Soviet Union breathing down our necks from two strategic positions. How many of her agents are already in the United States?

Where does it go from here? Is it too late now to annex the lower half of the American Continent? Can the United States continue her latest trend toward isolationism? Will President Trump actually close the borders to the South?

 These and many questions, on the lips of thinking Americans, should be answered in the near future. It all depends upon the squabbling children in Washington! They have not agreed on anything in the past 12 years, will they ever agree upon anything that will benefit all Americans in the United States?

Are they imploding from within, making things right for some other country to simply ‘step in’ and take over our government? This is how most other countries have been taken over by other countries. Get the locals to fighting each other then it is very easy to just simply ‘take over’!