An interview with Mush Crumbaugh
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        “So, Mr. Crumbaugh, you have one of radios’ most listened- to programs. Over fifteen million listeners a week tune you in. How do you explain your popularity?”
        “Well, for one thing we talk about what’s on people’s minds, especially if our discussions are about President Obama and something that got screwed up. You know, like the I.R.S. audits of conservative groups, the war in Syria, problems with Israel, the storm battering the Jersey Shore. We focus the problems on the Democrats and President Obama. That gets people excited - it gets their blood boiling.”
        “Is the goal of you and your program to get your listeners excited – get their blood boiling?”
        “Why sure. We don’t want to just report the news, we want to create excitement and the easiest way to get most people excited is to make them believe that their government and their president is either hiding something from them or cheating them out of something. That gets their interest. Then we pound on the matter and don’t let up. Day after day we bring up some error or decision that the Democrats or the president has made.”
        “But, Mr. Crumbaugh, don’t you get tired of bringing up the same things day after day?”
        “Hey, we have a radio program, if we want to keep our millions of listeners we have to offer them excitement every day. I’m radio’s biggest star and that’s because people tune us in to hear agitation, tension and a good brouhaha. We can take something like the attack on our embassy in Benghazi and place blame -people love to hear blame, especially if the blame is centered on someone like the President of the United States or the entire Democratic party.”
        “But, your program sounds as though the president and the Democrats are always wrong, always at fault. Could that be accurate or truthful?”
        “Listen, people listen to our program because they want to believe where we say the blame belongs. They love blame. It’s easy to blame the president and it’s easy to blame Democrats for almost anything.”
        “What would you do if there was a Republican president?”
         “We’d still blame the Democrats for not totally supporting the Republican president. We’d still blame the Democrats for everything that went wrong. Why would we change what works – and what works is blame – hardcore, hot, angry, blustering blame.”
        “Don’t you ever feel even a little corrupt about your attitude about constant blaming of Democrats for all the ailments in our country?”
        “What’s to feel corrupt about? There are millions of people out there and they want some emotions in their lives. We give them emotions and lots of them, every day. What could be more exciting than to insinuate that the president of the United States is a Socialist and wants to turn America into a Socialist Nation? Now that’s something that will get millions of people excited – and listening to our radio program.”
         “Now, Mr. Crumbaugh, just between you and me and our readers, do you believe everything you say on the radio?”
        “Please, I have a radio show and my job is to get high ratings and entertain millions of listeners. I’m a millionaire many times over. Americans can get their news many different ways – I give them the news plus insinuation, implication, suspicion and hostility. Throw in some malice, venom and show business and you have my show. It works, you must admit.”