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An Even Balance
        There was once a Large Country in the Western Hemisphere who felt as though she controlled the destinies of all other countries. She stockpiled all manner of weapons, controlled the food supplies coming and going, even introduced illnesses to other areas when she felt that anyone was getting a little too strong. These other countries had no medicine to combat these illnesses as they had never experienced them.
        At this time, during the late 1800’s, the industrial revolution was just beginning to gain momentum in the Large Country. Newer arms were being introduced to replace older black powder arms. Repeating rifles were being invented by men who supposed that they would be used to hunt game. This would mean that instead of just one head of game being taken from a herd, several head could be picked off with little effort, other than working the lever of the rifle. This Large Country used this new invention to decimate the natural food supply of the Natives of the land. This resulted in the subjugation of the conquered.
        Sadly, no other country was allowed to have these advanced weapons for many years. These countries depended on antique and outdated weaponry which were no match for the Large Country’s arsenal. The smaller countries were at the mercy of the Large Country. If a small country began to show indications of strength, the Large Country would place economic sanctions against the ‘rebels’ in order to bring them back in line. This seemed to work for many years. The Large Country had convinced all the other smaller countries that only she should be allowed the advanced weaponry as she was the only one sane enough to handle such weapons of destruction.
        Unknown to the Large Country, there was a movement going on, in her very bowels, which would unseat her from the seat of power!
        Has not this been the downfall of every strong power? Little cancers begin to eat from the inward parts, working their way out. Slowly, the cancers eat the very nerve center of the power, and finally, she crumbles from within. Oftentimes, the cancers were introduced by smaller countries that saw an opportunity to work havoc in order to undo these awful economic sanctions. Remember the Trojan horse?
        The Large Country continued to act as the Mother of all nations. She meddled in the affairs of every nation under the sun. Her pride was as a widow who has been left a considerable inheritance. She felt that no power could undo her. She was not considerate of the feelings of others. She respected not their religious beliefs. She berated and oppressed others. She used her superior economic status as a whipping board of control. Then finally, the cancers did their intended job! She had borrowed too much money from a small, but intensely rich, church/state.
        Her downfall was greater than the downfall of Rome! Because of her economic influence over other nations, governments began to crumble. Cities began to crumble. Towns began to crumble. Churches crumbled, and last but not least, the most important institute crumbled, the families.
        All the smaller countries around her cried out, “How the Great One does fall! Who will now control our affairs and show us the way?”
        Why did this Large Country fail?
        First of all, she became so powerful that she felt she was above her Creator. Secondly, she used her power for the wrong purpose. Thirdly, her lack of respect became unbearable to those she supposedly served. These are all formulas for destruction.
        There is a small, but effective, tool for the phoenix of the fallen. This small tool is known as repentance. This tool is the only known antidote for any situation of stress. Will this Large Country ever repent?
        She is too proud!