An Embryo Comes to Life
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       Alphaeus was an abiotic factor. He was never a help to anyone as his personality was at ‘one’ on the ‘absolute zero scale.   He would go out of his way to avoid helping someone, even with the slightest problem. One might say he was slightly self-centered.
       Omegus, on the other hand, rated high on the centigrade gauges! She was forthright, honest, and a joy to all she came in contact. Unassumingly, she passed by Alphaeus on the way to the lab. His pressure went several degrees upward. His facial features changed from a frown to a smile. This was the first time he had shown any life since arriving at Galaxy. Had anyone else been present who knew the pair they would have declared, “He’s got a love bug!”
Galaxy created body parts, no matter where that particular body originated. The entire solar system was their territory as they were the best in the business! Their parts were said to last and would generally be a clone of any part they encountered.
       Alphaeus made it his business to meet Omegus at every opportunity. The day he began his conquest was when they both arrived at the snack shack simultaneously. He pretended to drop his donut and it landed perfectly at her feet. As fate would have it he said to her, “I am Alphaeus, I work in research and development.” His demeanor showed a high degree of self-worth thinking himself her superior. He probed her for intellect, thinking himself to be of the highest intelligence!
       “I am Omegus, she replied, I am secretary to all management.” Galaxy required all secretaries to have the highest Degree of the College of Space. She had worked incessantly to acquire her position from an early age. Her progenitors had recognized that she was destined for greatness.
       Omegus’ body language revealed to Alphaeus that this was no fly-by-night lady. He knew that she was especially built for a great purpose. “Are you otherwise correlated?” Demurely he asked.
       Adroitly she avoided him.
       “Why do you ask?” She finally answered him bluntly.
       “I can see that there is magnetism between us, he replied. I have known this since the first day we met.”
       Her first smile, since they had met, created a dynamo! He melted at her feet. He became as clay in the potter’s hand. Her every wish was his command and nothing was out of reach for the one who had smiled so warmly upon him.
       It is not good for any man to be alone no matter his physical makeup. Meeting the right person can change a man’s whole outlook. Both their ecosystems produced cells. From these small cells, embryos were produced. Their environment was multiplied as cell upon cell produced embryo after embryo. Then, and only then, did Alphaeus come to realize what life was all about.