A Millennial's View on Election 2016
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by Josh Lee
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       First I was with her. Then I was with him. After that I was disgusted. Now I’m over it. This election is a joke, let’s not pussyfoot around about it. And no matter how you examine the evidence (or choose to ignore it), the fact of the matter is that we have two of the least qualified, least liked, least respectable, least trustworthy people we’ve ever had. And I’m really looking forward to see how many years either stays in office.
       Look – Donald Dick is not the embodiment of this country, nor who I want representing my nationality on an international stage. Yes, we all know he made lewd remarks about women. And yes, he’s like a little five-year-old acting out for attention while her mother drags her around Walmart. And no, we don’t know what would come out of his mouth – but at least when things come out of his mouth, we know about them and we hear about them.
Hillary Corruption is the other way around. She’s more secretive than Kim Jong Un. I was “with her” from the minute she announced her candidacy. I supported her against Bernie. And then her email scandal broke out and I dumped her quicker than a one night stand the next morning. Yes, she’s more “presidential”, whatever that means. And yes, she probably would be better for amicable international relations.
       But here’s the thing – I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that 80% of the population doesn’t grasp the magnitude of her “ridiculous little e-mail scandal.” Let’s not even involve James Comey, the FBI, or Wikileaks here.
Understanding and using complex computer software is hard to understand and easy to brush off. Even easier is it to understand that people make mistakes and that someone of Clinton’s advanced age isn’t well-versed in this new-fangled technology all the whipper-snappers are using. So she used a non-secure, personal email on an unguarded server in her basement. We’ve all got our work email account synced up to our iPhone and we all do work-related business on our personal computers. Yes, and most of us know that it’s wrong to do so, but we do it for our own convenience. And most of us are (in the bigger picture) pretty insignificant. Really, if Russian intelligence hacked into my email, they could get tens of thousands of emails. And with some deep forensic analysis, they could piece them all together and get a really nice inventory of all the clothes, shoes, watches, and cologne in my closet. And maybe some vacation inspiration.
       That is the sort of thing that I deal with every day. The most confidential things in my email – probably my bank statements. Y’all can hack into my bank accounts if you want but I don’t think it’ll even be worth the time.
But I am not Hillary Clinton. I am not the Secretary of State. I do not possess highly-classified, confidential information. If I did, you’d better believe that I’d pay $2.3B to have Tim Cook custom build me the most secure computer and server in the world with custom-written security software, and then put it in a lead-encased safe ten miles underground at Area 51 that I’d have to pass through a series of booby-traps to get to.
No, that’s not an exaggeration. Laugh at me all you want; in this day and age, that’s the level of security we should be aspiring to when it comes to the classified information that passes through the top-level officials of our government. It sounds Orwellian to say that our computers should take priority when it comes to the protection of our national security. If it came down to protecting the president or his computer, I would honestly protect his computer. That’s how deeply technology has rooted itself into the very fiber of our existence. And anyone who says otherwise doesn’t fully understand the importance of this issue.
       But instead, this information was stored on an unguarded, unprotected server housed in the basement of her house in Chappaqua, New York. That’s like putting a wallet with your life savings in cash in your back pocket and walking through Manhattan. Let’s be real – a team of five high-school dropouts could have lifted that server and made off with it.
       Then there’s Huma Abedin, Clinton’s top advisor (another conspirator to the corruption). I don’t even know where to start with her. Again, I’m not even going to touch on her double dipping in private-sector, conflict-of-interest consulting and high-level government work notwithstanding. Abedin was accessing her confidential, government email on a personal computer shared with her husband, a civilian – a disgraced civilian! I don’t even want to know how many dick pics and whiny sex-deprived messages they found while rooting through that computer. I mean – when you’re an aide to the Secretary of State, shouldn’t you know better than to access email on a personal, shared computer? I don’t even know how to explain how bad that is to all of you, except to ask whether or not you’d leave your credit report and bank accounts open on the communal computer in the hotel business center.
       Maybe she should spend a little less time at Fendi with her SA and a little more time at Fort Meade with the NSA. In my best Emily Charlton voice, “God, these people!”
       I’ve always wondered who trains these people on technology. I mean, I know first-hand that cashiers at Nordstrom have to go through a complete technology orientation on how to use the point-of-sale computer system when they’re first hired. Do government officials? I don’t care if you are the Secretary of State with an IT team of the best minds from Cornell and Princeton’s computer science schools. You need to know the proper procedures for using computers and handling information.
       Have I mentioned that stating the obvious about Rosie O’Donnell, grabbing womens’ pussies and being a secretive, manipulative bitch have completely overshadowed the serious issues? The American people have been jipped and cheated of the time they need and deserve to hear the candidates face off and talk about the actual, serious issues that the world is facing today? I care about what’s going on in Syria. I understand the difference between ISIS in Iraq and ISIS in Syria. I care about Mosul. I care about the Affordable Care Act. I care about tax plans. I care about gender equality and civil rights. I care about protecting both minorities and the police. But whenever these issues came up, all I heard was, “Because you’d be in jail!!!!!!!!!” and, "I had a feeling by the end of this evening that I'd be blamed for everything."
       So, all things considered, I did my part as an American and I voted. I won’t tell you who and it definitely was not willingly. I know the difference between the electoral vote and the popular vote. And I hate to say it, but I’m actually relieved that my vote doesn’t really count. It won’t really be my fault when everything goes to shit.