A Metamorphosis
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 by Frank Shortt
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Jeff Long was just an ordinary man. Some would even call him slow. It is very difficult to tell upon first glimpse what a person can or will become!

He scanned the entire countryside, as an ogler would probe a lovely specimen. He viewed every nook and cranny not regarding whether or not each glance would become his final. Only Jeff Long knew for what he searched. Each glimpse, every darting shadow became the image for which he sought.  Late into each evening he refused to give up. Sometimes he even lit a candle to continue searching. It became an obsession as his hair turned hoary, his unkempt beard grayed and reached down to his waist. His waistline grew thinner as his quest became more important than his personal needs.

One late afternoon in spring, he espied the object for which he searched. She appeared in sight just as he had begun to despair! She was all that he had ever hoped for.  Not in his wildest dreams could she have been more perfect! This ended his lifelong quest for truth!

She was dressed in robes of white, depicting her purity. Only wisdom could afford such splendor.  In exquisiteness she revealed herself to this Jason of old who sought the Golden Fleece. He, becoming totally humbled, only listened to her mesmerizing charms!

Daily as he listened and adhered, he succumbed to wisdom’s charm. As he applied her teaching, he suddenly realized that his vesture had changed, resembling that of his tutor.  Food meant nothing anymore! Wealth had no hold upon him. The more he heard, the more he became like her. Soon, others sought his companionship as they saw the change in him!

Even when a person experiences a complete metamorphosis, there will be those who will hold that one in derision. There will be those who will fault his mentor. Yet, there will be some who will hold him in the same position as his teacher. There will always be those who will seek truth and verity. They too, like Jeff, will search every crevice in every canyon for clues. Who knows, maybe some of them will reach these same realms of ecstasy that Jeff reached. Then they too will become examples to others!

America is in deep need of those who place wisdom above personal needs. Can this be found in the realms of politics?

Christian ministers keep saying that if they just had one more dollar they would save the world. Money blinds! Popularity blinds! Objects of materialism blinds! Wisdom has no match!