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 by Laramie Boyd
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        It's January the tenth, two thousand fifteen. Can you believe it? It's been roughly two hundred thirty-nine years since the good old U.S.A. was officially set in motion, and look at it today. Maybe the best way to see it is to look at it in comparison to most other countries. Other than the treatment received by the American Indians and the imported African slaves, some Irish immigrants and dustbowl Oakies, in different yet similar degrees of hatred and brutality, the country has moved, a relatively long way towards becoming "civilized." We have to remember that we humans are, after all, animals. Like it or not. We are subject to laws of survival like what we call "lower animals" suffer through. We scrounge for food and procreate our species as all other species on earth do. We congregate in groups of other humans, and there are hierarchies of classes that determine authority and status in the groups. We evolve in physical and mental characteristics determined by what we need to help us survive in a starkly dangerous physical environment.
        So, considering these characteristics and qualities of our human race, look what America has achieved since the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were drafted so many years ago in our attempt to get the British off our back.
        We almost wiped out the Indians who roamed the prairies and shores before there were borderlines for the 48 states. We set up law enforcement agencies to subdue the ruthless train and bank robbers in the early days, sometimes even using vigilante justice. Today the Police and courts feebly attempt to hand out "equal" justice.
        We've progressed from 12 inch black and white to giant 50" high definition TV's; our two-hole outhouse restroom facilities have moved indoors and now include hot and cold showers, granite counters, and toilets that include bidets; supermarkets have replaced the neighborhood "mom and pop' markets; horse and buggy transportation now consists of jet planes, bullet trains and shiny new one-half million dollar sport cars that use up more fossil fuel than is respectable.
        Ladies wear has gone from clothing that once covered everything they own except their faces to where now they lounge around in bikinis and street wear that show almost everything they own below their faces. Where once a log cabin or small home protected families from the elements with a wood burning stove and dirt floor, now multiple level homes containing several bedrooms, state-of-the-art kitchens, recreation rooms, swimming pools and multi-car garages line the streets of many cities.
         We have trash compactors, dishwashers, food processors, and microwave ovens to help in our efforts to make our daily bread go down easier, only to grind up leftovers and wash them down a sewer. Panty hose, tattoos and pierced ears help us feel better about ourselves, if not look better. You can get drunker than a hoot owl on legally bought liquor or you can get high on marijuana if you look in the right places to find a dispensary.
        People no longer have to work in order to get money from the government, and you can commit crimes and get away with it if you get the right legal counsel. You can take a plane, train, or automobile and get just about anywhere you want to go, and you don't have to pay until later if you like, by using a little piece of plastic. You can listen to the loudest, filthiest music you can imagine coming out of a little device you can carry around in your pocket.
        You can talk to people thousands of miles away using a hand held device, and even see them on a screen on the same device. You can riot in the streets, in full view of television cameras, break windows, overturn cars, light police vehicles on fire, and chances are good you won't have to answer for it. And the government, from the president on down, or up whichever fits, will lie to you and give away your tax dollars to countries that hate us, and allow criminals and certain religious terrorists to sneak across our borders and get welfare to boot. Spy planes and internet hackers watch and listen to the most private of correspondence. You have to watch your language in public or private, lest you offend some minority listening in. And the courts will be quick to punish you if your language doesn't meet their criteria of freedom of speech and political correctness. What you say could even result in rioting in the streets, and certain zealots will try to justify the rioting.    
        Yes, America has moved a long way since Ben Franklin, George Washington and the rest of the founding fathers thought up the idea that they could develop a land of the free and home of the brave. Not a perfect place, but a land of opportunity, not a guarantee, just an opportunity, to live in peace where most other citizens of the world would rather live. Looking around at the current events taking place all over the country, I wonder if we have really been making progress, or is it really regress, a movement back towards a worse state of affairs? How long would it take a proud American to answer that question, I wonder?