Americans are getting ticked off
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Ron Cruger
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          No survey shows it, but I have a hunch that Americans are getting fed up with what’s going on, not only in the U.S., but all around the world.
          There is a heavy cloud of indecision and uncertainty hovering over all of our heads.
          We are still marching in the streets of Iraq. We are still dying there.
          Death remains our companion in the cold, barren hills of Afghanistan. We continue to feed our tax dollars to a scheming, crooked administration in Afghanistan. It is admitted that we are throwing our money down a dark hole, and yet, we continue shoveling our tax dollars into that abyss, with it eventually winding up in the pockets of some greedy Afghani chieftain who hates America but loves our dollars.
          We’ve been watching the ongoing rebellion in Libya and we’re not sure if we’re part of the fighting or not. First Muammar al-Gaddafi was our enemy, the he became our ally now we might be arming his enemies because he’s our enemy again.
          I think Americans are getting ticked off! Angry, fed up, scared, unsure, irate. Take a good look at the people in your super market. They push their shopping carts with the look of an Indy car driver. They object when you get in their way. They frown when you slow their advance. There’s a boiling point just below the surface. Patience is running out.
          So many of our children are members of the growing numbers of street gangs. The anger and frustration in these teenage children is expressed when they spot a face from another neighborhood. A challenge is thrown in anger, followed by a quick gang sign and gunshots. The hopes of these children are smashed by the frustrations of where their lives are headed. Dreams of education and employment are fading for these, our children of the streets. What have they got to lose by breaking our laws, by killing? They foam with anger and frustration.
          Our roadways are filled with drivers ready to flip the bird. Ready to honk their horn. So many drivers are filled with angst, vexed and peeved with wars, unemployment, rising prices and a general sense of an unknown future. Irritability rides with the drivers.
          Will we remain in Afghanistan? Can we walk out of Iraq and bring all our soldiers home? Will some crazed terrorist strap on an elementary nuclear device and hit the button and radiate New York, Chicago or Los Angeles?
          Will a group of terrorists coordinate attacks in several American cities. Will they poison our water supply?
          The world is filled, as never before with uncertainty and danger. No wonder the twin gargoyles of fear and anger walk among us.
          Our national debt, Medicare, the Social Security program, jobs, rapidly rising prices, crime and the inability of our political parties to agree on almost anything pervade our national psyche. So many deep questions that are vital to our interests.
          Americans are worried and angry.
          Our politicians are interviewed on television and complain bitterly about the opposition party, not realizing that the very scorn they show for the other party illustrates to us Americans that solutions to our myriad of problems will not be solved by the two parties exhibiting indignant and belligerent attitudes.
          There is an anger growing in the land. An air of frustration and worry. Americans are a hopeful bunch, but eventually Americans set aside their stymies and act. Their frustrations and fears will turn into action.
          Evidently we are not there yet. We are still angry and mightily frustrated. Americans are ticked off.
          It is a time for action, for the solving of our national problems.
          Today, not tomorrow.
Where is America headed?
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