America, Arrogance and Health Care
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 by Jon Burras
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     How often have you heard that America has the best health care system in the world? We are bombarded with this narrative day after day and most people will tend to believe it. When compared to a very poor country where many people die from preventable diseases like malnourishment and dehydration, you are probably correct. But when you take a step back and realize that there is another reality going on you might be alarmed and angered.

     American health care is dominated by a "cartel" of influences that include individuals, corporations, charities, foundations and government bodies. Among these influences might be the following: FDA (Food and Drug Administration), CDC (Center for Disease Control), NIH (National Institute of Health), drug industry and the AMA (American Medical Association). While these bodies tend to hide behind the aura that they exist to promote health care in America, the reality is quite different. Each entity has only one purpose—self preservation. Any health care that occurs is almost always by accident.

     For instance, recently a great stir has been created because many Americans are using a drug called "Ivermectin" to treat covid-19 symptoms. Governing bodies like the FDA and CDC are alarmed and warning against this. Western media outlets have grabbed onto this shaming narrative and are blasting folks who use this drug. The media is portraying those who use this drug as ignorant and ill-informed.

     The media and many of these governing agencies are questioning why anyone would use a drug designed to be used on horses and other animals. Here is where one has to sit back and scratch one's head at the false media narrative being created. While it is often used as an anti-parasite drug for animals, Ivermectin was approved decades ago (1996) by the FDA for the use in humans. In fact, use on humans came first and then progressed to being used on animals. Chock up another lie to the mainstream media. If you expect the media to actually tell the truth then that is where you are the naive one.

     Here is the reality. Ivermectin has been approved by the FDA for decades as a successful treatment on humans. Thirty percent of the worlds' countries currently use Ivermectin to treat various conditions including covid-19 symptoms. Most of these other countries are considered poor and cannot afford expensive drugs. Ivermectin, being relatively inexpensive, has proven to be a great success story outside of the United States helping to save many lives who might otherwise would have perished. Why won't America listen?

     Americans, in their illusionary thinking, frequently believe that their white lab coats are whiter than that of others, that their science is superior and without flaw and that the rest of the world is only filled with charlatans, witch doctors and "hokas pokas" medicine. What America has that most other countries do not have is a system where politics, money and health care intertwine.

     Many of the people who work for the CDC and FDA first worked in the drug industry. This practice has been described as the 'revolving door of health care". Their loyalties do not always reflect the best interest for American health care but for the drug industry itself. American industries and government bodies are arrogant when they ignore the great successes that other countries are having in favor of their own very limited control over the population and long-term profits for shareholders.

     This is not the first time that we have witnessed the American health care ignorance. Much of the world has a long history of healing using natural methods. In China for instance, acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been staples in the Chinese health care system for thousands of years. This ancient practice has successfully managed to heal millions of people over time. Yet American scientific thinking often views these methods as backward and prehistoric. In the eyes of the American doctor and scientist, more technology and more drugs are the only way to go. American arrogance wags its ugly tail once again.

     For a long time other nations have used oxygen therapies to heal from deadly diseases. These therapies might include oxygen chambers, ozone therapy and hydrogen peroxide treatments. Most oxygen therapies are either banned or severely restricted in the United States. While countries like Mexico, India and Cuba are successfully curing cancer with ozone therapy, the American medical institutions will not allow or sanction this. There is too much money to be lost by drug companies and cancer hospitals if people knew that they could be cured using oxygen and ozone therapy.

     Laetrile is a simple ingredient made from apricot pits. This ingredient has a proven track record for curing cancer. While it is frequently used world-wide to cure cancer, it is banned by the FDA in the United States. You would not want people to get well using a simple ingredient like an apricot pit? In fact, there was a large study done at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center about the effectiveness of using laetrile on cancer patients in the United States. The study concluded that laetrile was very effective in shrinking  cancerous tumors. Ralph Moss, the author of the study who revealed these results, was fired the next day for his honesty. The study was quickly changed to reveal that laetrile was ineffective in treating cancer. Who wants too much honesty when money is at stake? Apparently, honesty and integrity do not mix well with job security and the American health care system.

    I can remember once having a conversation with a retired university science professor who was sad that his brother had pancreatic cancer. I told him that there were many natural methods to cure all cancers if his brother were to seek them out. This former professor lashed back at me claiming that could not be true. He forcibly told me that if that were true American scientists would already know about these treatments. Enough said.

    American medicine often uses strong arm tactics to repress proven natural methods. How often have we seen camouflaged men and women in their storm trooper gear raiding a vitamin supplier or a raw milk dairy. These are not just simple knocks on the door with a "Hello". These are fully-armed raids with assault rifles.

     Ed McCabe, author of the book "Flood Your Body With Oxygen", was arrested and imprisoned for two years by the United States government. His only crime—traveling around the country speaking about oxygen therapies. Also, noted health speaker Kevin Trudeau was imprisoned by the United States government for ten years. His crime—writing a book on natural weight loss.

     The Western media is complicit in the American health care cover-up. The media earn a substantial amount of their income from advertising coming from drug companies. Thus, a drug company has influence on what a media outlet can actually say. In most cases, what comes from a media outlet is actually propaganda that a drug company wants the public to believe. Fair and balanced reporting left the building many years ago as journalists turned into the ignorant henchmen for corporate narratives. When you hear a negative story about something like Ivermectin or a positive story about vaccine success it is usually from a script given to a media outlet from a drug company. Money talks in America. Health care is no different.

    Maybe Ivermectin, laetrile and oxygen therapies are not the problem after all. Maybe most Americans need to reflect on the fact that while many people are getting well around the world using natural and inexpensive treatments, the political money machine of American health care is keeping many people sick. How long are you willing to stay arrogant and uninformed?

     Most Americans believe that the FDA is the bellwether for truth. If something is "FDA Approved" then it must be good. The question we all should be asking is "Who approves the FDA?"


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