By Biff Carlyle
Be sensitive, dammit!
     Let’s pretend that the attacks on 9/11 were done only by left handed guys who all wore the same blue, long sleeved shirts.
     Just pretend.
     Now picture an organization of these guys. “The Blue Shirted Lefties,” decided that they want to erect a tall building in close proximity to the very buildings that some of their members destroyed during their attacks. Only a stone’s throw away.
     The “The Blue Shirted Lefties” bought the property, knowing it was right around the corner from the devastated buildings that some of their members had leveled and had killed some 3,000 innocent people.
     They wanted everyone to know that their proposed new building would represent the membership of “The Blue Shirted Lefties” organization.
     In front of the new building there would be a 12-foot bronze statue of a husky man, depicting an ideal member of “The Blue Shirted Lefties.” Located at various points on the grounds of the new building would be ten, 5-foot bronze statues of strong left hands pointing skywards.
     Obviously the representation of the membership would be wearing a blue shirt and would be carrying a tall spear in his mighty left hand.
     As soon as the populace heard about the proposed tall building, groups formed, marches were organized and protests announced.
     Citizens within the area of the proposed “Blue Shirted Lefties” building organized. They made signs, “Blue Shirted Lefties” killed Americans – Stay away!” They marched and yelled, “No statues of killers in our neighborhood!”
     Government officials said, “This is America. ‘The Blue Shirted Lefties’ have the right to build wherever they want.”
     The marchers replied, “But it was ‘Blue Shirted Lefties’ who killed thousands of Americans, we don’t want their building or their big statues reminding us of what some of their members did. They killed Americans and destroyed our buildings. They even attacked the Pentagon. What an insult to America. Keep ‘em out.”
     Around the corner from the protesting marchers, a father held the hand of his ten year old son as they walked towards the monument in the area where the attack happened on 9/11. The father leaned towards his young son and said, “Jimmy, I want you to see where America was attacked. All Americans should see it and remember that terrible day. We should all remember those who died on that day.”
     As they walked closer to ground zero a respectful silence came over the area. Jimmy and his father could feel it.
     Jimmy noticed the protestors. He saw the signs.
     The father explained what the protestors were trying to do.
     After listening to his father, Jimmy asked, “Dad, why would those people want to make everyone angry. Gee, Dad, it seems like those people should respect all those dead people and what they did. You always tell me to be sensitive to people. Shouldn’t those guys be more sensitive? It’s what you always taught me.”
     The father reached down and hugged his young son.
     “Yes, they should son, yes, they should.”