A Good Walk Spoiled
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 by Laramie Boyd
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        Have you ever wondered why Tiger Woods has an armed police escort all the while he marches up and down the golf course during a tournament? I don't see anyone else under such a security blanket as Tiger. What does seeing that scenario at each of Tiger's Tourneys tell us about the man, or about the professional golf tour? Do the Tournament directors believe Tiger is hated so much that killers are stalking behind every tree just waiting for the "bad guy" Tiger to come by so they can take pot shots at him? Or is it the sponsors who don't want to miss out on the increased revenue they believe Tiger brings to a tournament, so they are just protecting their investment from what they suspect could happen that might result in injury or worse, as they believe he is not exactly adored.
        Do some people believe that Tiger plays such an important role in golf, or is such a negative influence on society, and is such a poor example of a role model, that he is in harm's way in every golf tournament he enters, and his notoriety should be catered to? Could it be, I dare ask, that The Man himself is so pompous that his ego demands that he wants to show the world, or make the world think, that he is such a great asset to the Professional Golf Assn. that he asks for the armed guards? Pompous, what with his impeccable clothing attire, which of course is free to him, his perfectly tied shoe laces, his stiff, arrogant, or is it insecure, attitude towards the fans, young and old alike, isn't it truly hard to really "like" Tiger, even if his private life wasn't so obtuse? Does he not want to be bothered by the "little" things, like signing autographs for kids, high-fiving the line up of fans, as Phil Mickelson does, or, as the media reports, paying for a round at the 19th hole? After all, it's only a game of golf we're talking about here! Chill out Tiger!
        Don't you, like me, think that Tiger Woods is just another guy, albeit sometimes despicable in his behavior, playing a game, whacking at and then chasing a little white ball around, trying to get it in a hole in the ground, something of little importance in the grand scheme of things? Maybe the game is, as Mark Twain noted, just "A good walk spoiled." How about backing off with the artillery PGA, and just let Tiger be Tiger, like we do each of the rest of the pro golfers. Or is all of the commotion, fanfare, and controversy what Tiger is about and what Tiger wants to be, the center of attention, but on his terms?