A Contract for Health Care
Jon Burras
            It might come as no surprise but we have all created a contract with our health
care provider that guides us in how we receive care. This contract is most often never spoken about but is quietly adhered to by all parties involved. Isnít it time that you pulled out your contract and discovered for yourself what it is that you have agreed to.
            When we first enter into a medical office we are bombarded with forms and papers to fill out. These forms are mostly technical issues dealing with such details as our insurance coverage and our medical history. Rarely is there ever any mention of
our attitudes and beliefs about treatment. For the most part we are whisked into the doctorís office to sit quietly and wait to be told what to do.
            This scenario does not have to be the case. What would happen if we actually had to sign a contract with our medical doctor detailing our level of responsibility and participation when it comes to our own health care? What would it be like if we held our health care provider to a higher standard of communication and choice making? What a difference it would be if we were on equal footing with our health care provider and not looked down upon.
            How would your medical care be different if you and your health care provider were partners in your health? What would care be like if you discussed health issues in simple to understand language? What if your medical care provider was looked upon as one of your consultants in your health care?
            Most people have an unwritten contract with their doctors to be silent, accept what the doctor tells them and do not question his authority. Sounds a bit like communism or a autocratic parental system does it not?
            The American Medical Association has lobbied for decades to get patients to lose their power and put their entire blind trust in their medical doctor. After years of being bombarded by advertisements that claim that your doctor knows best, most people have come to accept a subservient role in their own health care. That does not have to be the case though.
I, (your name)______________________________, hereby enter into this contract with you, (health care providerís name)______________________________,
on, (date)______________________________________. I agree to the following terms and conditions and expect the same from you.
  1. I will not challenge your authority. Instead, I will sit quietly as you tell me what diseases I have and what drugs I need to take to treat the symptoms.
  2. I will not question your knowledge or decisions. I place total trust and faith in you to make the best decisions about my health care without any input from me.
  3. If I ever attempt to question you I grant you the right to scold me, belittle me, shame me, and ridicule me for my ignorance. 
  4. I understand that you hold the status of god-like in our culture and I will do whatever I can to make you feel more powerful and influential than me. 
  5. If I should die or be harmed by your drugs or treatments I will not hold you responsible. I agree that you are just doing what you have been trained to do and are following the prescriptions advised in your medical books.
  6. I agree that my body is stupid and it creates diseases randomly and arbitrarily. I cannot heal myself and I am thankful for your drugs and procedures to suppress my symptoms. I am so very grateful that you have allowed me to be your patient.
  7. I will not attempt to look for help outside of your services and seek no other opinions but yours alone.
  8. I will not speak back to you, insult you, or challenge your credentials. I understand that you have spent many years studying and perfecting your profession and I am satisfied that you are an expert and know what is best for me.
  9. I accept the fact that my body does not belong to me. You have the right to poke, prod, stick, or cut me any way you wish.
  10. I will not question the amount of money you charge me for your services. I accept your bills and charges completely and trust that you are charging me a fair price for all services rendered.
Health Care Contract of Victimhood
Health Care Contract of Self Responsibility
I, (your name)______________________________, hereby enter into this contract with you, (health care providerís name)______________________________,
on, (date)______________________________________. I agree to the following terms and conditions and expect the same from you.
  1. My body does not belong to you. I expect deep care and respect for my body from any services or treatments administered.
  2. I am hiring you for your knowledge and opinion. I will not place you on a pedestal or worship the white coat you might be wearing.
  3. I expect to be treated with dignity and respect. I expect to be listened to and my opinions and decisions honored.
  4. I will not engage in treatments or procedures that might endanger my health.
  5. I am not crazy for feeling what I am feeling and experiencing what I am experiencing. No matter how bizarre my symptoms or experiences I expect to be listened to and honored.
  6. I agree that my body is the smartest thing going. I create my own diseases when I am out of balance physically, emotionally, or spiritually. I expect your assistance in honoring my bodyís ability to heal itself as I seek out and change the source of my imbalance.
  7. You are no greater or lesser than I. We both have different life experiences and yet come together in hopes of finding a solution to my imbalance.
  8. I have the right to question every choice, opinion and decision that you may offer to me. I will seek out other opinions, often in contrast to your own, in hopes of understanding my experience from a broader perspective.
  9. I will remain positive and hopeful about the outcome of my treatment. I will not allow a medical diagnosis to create an atmosphere of doom and gloom.
  10. I am forming a business contract with you. I have the right to question all charges and fees prescribed to me.
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