A Cloud of Deviancy
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        Do you remember the time you read a book or saw a movie or a stage play and you identified with it so much that you couldn't wait to tell all your friends about it. You felt that the experience revealed so many truths, and was done so well that you ran to the phone and shared your experience with all your friends.
        Well, that's what happened to me today. It was an article in the Desert Sun newspaper, published in Palm Springs CA, that caught my eye, my fancy, and led me to share it with whomever. In my mind, it bears repeating, lest we forget, or maybe even worse, ignore.
        The article was written by Michael Gerson, a man who, more often than not, doesn't have too many good things to say about the Conservative party's approach to government. But today, he pleasantly surprised me with some revelations about the Hillary Clinton run for the presidency, and her connection to Bill Clinton, feelings many of us have felt for quite some time, but didn't have the ability or wide audience enough to so succinctly put it into a proper frame of reference. It might pay voters, regardless of party, and especially the independents, to pay close attention to what Mr. Gerson says. 
        Gerson starts off by recalling the "blue dress with actual, physical, generic evidence" against President Bill Clinton, who "gambled with the moral, political and historic reputation of the presidency". Then followed it up with "brazen, combative defiance against his accusers and the media". And he lied on television, in spite of "the character we expect from a President in the behavior of powerful men toward young women in their employ". He showed "shameless fortitude, sleazy grit, defining deviance down. Clinton stood, standards fell".
        Now we see his wife, Hillary Clinton, launching a bid for the same office, President of the United States. Knowing that transparency in government is the overwhelming goal stated publicly by every candidate for the office, and especially the incumbent, Hillary "conducts public business privately, destroys thousands of e-mails of her choosing, and calmly provides boxes of unsearchable records". Media access is provided in "little dollops" while new controversies unfold.
       A majority of Americans do not judge Hillary to be "honest and trustworthy." She acts as though "Foreign money is a matter that should be left between a politician and the donors." She says she is "proud of the work the Clinton Foundation has done" with that money, attempting to justify the end with the means she uses to obtain the money. She is "bland and bold. Look what I've done. Get used to it". No matter what Hillary says about finance reform, her e-mail correspondence is her business, she says, but her tirade of "I want those e-mails out," while making that technically difficult, speaks for itself.
        So, "Does Hillary Clinton really have the political skills to pull this election off? What executive experience can she put on her resume? As new controversies come--and that is close to a political certainty-- will her polling hold"? If she succeeds, it would expand the boundaries of the permissible. Hillary might add, as Gerson did, "who needs honesty, trustworthiness, and transparency"? 
        Thank you, Michael Gerson.
        And you supporters of Hillary Clinton. Listen up! Add to all of the above the "sniper fire" lie in Bosnia, the Benghazi "What difference does it make" disgrace, Travelgate, Chinagate, Filegate and Whitewater scandals. And what do you come up with? Someone who wants to do whatever she pleases, right or wrong, and wants you to get over it and "move on", pretend it never happened. Her record in government "service", bringing honor and integrity back to America, is a blank page. Can you imagine Hillary Clinton standing tall, setting an example of higher standards, confronting the problems of declining morality, illegal immigration, racial riots, worldwide perception of America taking a nosedive, regaining respect for the country? As Michael Gerson observed, rightly so, another "Clinton stands, standards fall". Somewhere in a newsflash, I read that "A democracy becomes the image of the virtues it rewards." What virtues does Hillary Clinton reveal? At this juncture in the legend of the United States of America, not only is the country not united, but sometimes we forget that, as Thomas King said in The Back of the Turtle, "Democracy offers its enemies the means by which to destroy itself." Is Hillary among those who will take advantage of that conundrum? Sadly, but surely, the stage seems set in some areas of the country where a lack of respect for law enforcement and a gradual eroding of responsible and accountable government, and citizenry, is taking place. Being President is serious business, and we need a serious, able, experienced leader at this pivotal time of U.S. and global unrest. Hillary, you are not that person. You know it, and I know it. Admit it, secretly if you must, and move on.