A Christian Nation or Simply a Religious Nation
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 by Frank Shortt
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Christian: To be Christ-like.

Religious: To do something constantly thinking to do right.

Christ taught that if a person slaps you on one cheek, you are to turn the other cheek to be slapped also. He taught his adherents to love one another, even their enemies. He taught his adherents that if someone asks us for a shirt, they are to give him their coat also. How many Christians are Christ-like? Is the USA a Christian nation as is proclaimed by most of our so-called Christian leaders? Show me, as the old saying goes, I am from Missouri!

Most every nation claims to have a Religion. If you ask anyone from any nation if they have a belief in a supreme being, they will tell you, 的知 a Buddhist, I知 a Hindu, I知 a Muslim, I知 a Zionist, I知 a Christian, I知 whatever! Most every religion teaches that we are to seek peace at any cost. How many religious adherents truly follow the teachings of their religious leaders?

Every day millions of religious adherents go to Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, Churches, tents, brush arbors, caves, or wherever they wish to worship. They all claim to pray to the same God, just under a different name. They all claim to adhere to the same tenets. They all have forms of worship, most similar in some way to all the others. To what purpose is all this worship? Are they an adherent to their religion only when they are in the presence of their leaders? What happens when they arrive back at their homes?

Every day millions of prayers go up to one God or the other. Where are all these prayers ending up? Do these gods have to sort out each prayer according to importance? Do they have to sort out the prayers according to the adherent痴 worthiness? How about the person痴 station in life, or standing, in that particular religion? This must become very confusing to the different Gods. They would have to go against the request of someone from another religion. If their adherent asks for peace in the world, someone else might be asking their god to wreak vengeance on another religion just because they do not adhere completely to their brand of religion. It sure seems like a confusing mess, doesn稚 it?

America is supposed to be a Christian Nation! She says she follows the teachings of Christ. Iran is a Muslim nation who strictly adheres to the teachings of Muhammed. If this be so in both nations, who are supposedly following most of the same teachings, then where is the level-headedness of their leaders? Where is the respect? Where is the understanding? Where is the turning of the other cheek? Where is the admonishment to sit down and reason together? Why does it take missiles to bring one or the other to their senses long enough to reflect on what should be talked about years ago?

Have the religious leaders of this world become two-faced war mongers who would stop at nothing to gain control of another religion, or a whole nation for that matter? And if the other nation or religion does not listen to them, will they choose to destroy the whole world by nuclear means?  The one True God will soon have to step in and decide to do something about His unruly subjects. It will sure be interesting to see who that one True God is and by what means He will use to bring His bratty children back in line. A child who decides to do exactly what he or she decides to do must face the consequences sooner or later. This world has become totally overrun by unruly children!