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Leah Lieberman
I was born in 1922; at that time, Warren G. Harding , a Republican from Ohio was president of the United States. Harding served two years and then died of a heart attack in 1923. He was replaced by Calvin Coolidge, another Republican. Of course, I was too young to remember any of this.
What I do remember was the time of the Great Depression, 1929 and later, when my mother told me we were too poor for her to give me a dime to take to school, "to help hungry children in Europe."
But that was long ago. Nowadays, when I think about time, I realize that time is very relative. When I am in pain, or if I'm doing something difficult or unpleasant or just boring, time seems to go very slowly. On the other hand, when I'm having a good time, enjoying a show, perhaps, or a meal with my son or with friends, time goes all too quickly. Days at home of relative boredom go slowly. Is it time for lunch yet, I'll ask. On the other hand, when I am here among friends at the Alliance, time goes quickly and it is all too soon over for that day.
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