A Bandaid Society (The Way I See It)
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 by Frank Shortt
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What with all the resources in the USA, one would think that she would be ready for any contingency. No one person can fathom how much money is wasted per day by our government. There are those in our government who seem bound and determined to break this country by forcing it to have to borrow money from foreign powers to continue running the government at the pace it is accustomed to. Our national debt is at the highest level it has ever been in the existence of our nation.

When World War One came along, we were ill-prepared to meet the needs of our servicemen who were called to the service of their country. Our navy was inadequate! Our Army was inadequate! Our Air Force was almost non-existent! Thus began the saga of adding to the already mounting national debt left over from the Spanish-American War. The total cost of the First World War was approximately $208 Billion! This equates to Trillions in light of today's dollars! The Spanish-American War cost a whopping $283 Million and in today's dollars would amount to approximately $12-15 Billion! Our economy at those times could not have met the need for such large sums, so, where did we borrow the money? The Bandaid society began even before the invention of the actual Bandaid was invented in 1920 by a Johnson and Johnson employee! A nation, even as large as America, must borrow from even the smallest country that has the means to supply the cash.

As the Great Depression suddenly came upon the US, a result of the 1929 stock market crash, we were once again caught without a Contingency Plan. We somehow acquired enough money to set up programs to put people back to work. The WPA and the CCC, two of the largest employers, were the results of innovative thinking by Franklin D. Roosevelt and his advisors. Once again the Bandaid was applied!

The USA entered WW2 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor showing the unpreparedness once again of our military forces. The most important factor that brought the US out of the Great Depression was the speedy build-up of the military when the USA entered WW2! Planes, tanks, automobiles, ships, weapons of all kinds, and the industry that kept the home fires burning was the greatest effort ever afforded in the United States! Men, women, and even children went to work for the war effort. The economy boomed causing not only prosperity, but also, a time of depravity and homes being broken up as infidelity multiplied. A Bandaid was once again applied putting the US in the greatest debt she had ever known! At a cost of approximately 4 Trillion, WW2 became the most expensive war ever fought!

Plagues, wars, foreign aid, fires and other natural disasters, since the end of WW2 have constantly drained the coffers of the United States. Due to the need for financing the latest fiascoes, Congress has been trying to saddle the citizens of the US with a multitrillion Build Back America Bandaid! What will result from this latest Bandaid is anyone's guess! What if all the countries that own our National Debt should suddenly call in the markers? Who would be running America? It is said that Japan owns most of the debt with China running a close second! We can only pray for the best until the mixing is done and then we will see who it is we will answer to. It is good to remember that our National Debt is not now in Billions, but is in the Multitrillions!